Actual cool things to do in Nashville

Nashville is one of the greatest places in the USA, a city located in Tennessee is the capital of music, Nashville is known for its history in music and for its well-known opera theatres and other Broadway’s and jazz theatres and music, the country music of Nashville is quite famous and most of the Nashville people love doing country style music and have fun,there are many things that you can do and many places you can visit to enjoy your time at Nashville and some of them are like:

Lower Broadway

While you in Nashville the city famous for its music you have to go at lower Broadway for some amazing music experience once you get there you will find countless bars and restaurants offering many amazing singers with different kind of music and probably your favorite kind too, get there have a seat in a bar order a drink and enjoy your music what is another way to end your night than doing that so that is the must-do things in your actual cool things that you should do when you are in Nashville.

Country Music Hall Of Fame

When you have a city of music that has country music in their blood it won’t be surprising that they have their own country music museum right, when you in Nashville and if you love country music you should go and visit that place with its super awesome collection of many Country artists and albums and other stuff regarding to Country music you will find almost everything there, and outside of the museum in the pathway so check the walk of fame in which you will find many country artists from mini artist to the most popular ones.

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge located in downtown middle, it’s a great place to have a super view of the skyline of Pittsburgh and the bridge is really great place to hang around and take a walk as the bridge is only opened to Pedestrian and not for cars, so go take a bike, scooter or just walk around while enjoying the view of this amazing bridge.

Bicentennial Mall

The Bicentennial Mall is an open space that is really good for walking and enjoying nature and beauty of different types of monuments and sculptures there to see and enjoy the walk to the end of Tennessee museum a free spot for people to go and check some of the great history of Nashville and other stuff too.

Radnor Lake State Park

Radnor Lake State Park is one of the best places just 20 min away from the city towards south and it’s the best option if you want to go somewhere outdoors for hiking and enjoying nature views, it lets you enjoy the hiking path around the lake and more although the park is a famous spot and in summer it gets crowded and the parking spot is not that big too so if you go in summer you might want to go a little early in the morning so you can have a spot for you and enjoy the beauty of this park and in bonus of nature’s beauty you can also enjoy and see the wildlife animals as there are many deer and turkeys that you can spot easily while taking a walk.

Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is another great musical theatre and one of the biggest in Nashville, it’s famous for its history and culture of the music stars and members that have been part of this auditorium in some way, there’s a huge hall where you can get the seats of your favourite singer and many famous artists that come there for performance and if you don’t have time to wait for show then you can also visit the backstage as a tourist and enjoy the knowledge about the auditorium and lots of things.

Jack Daniel’s Distillery

This one’s for the people who love to have whisky, you can go to the place an hour away from the city, there’s a bus that will take you from Nashville to their factory where you can learn how they make their famous whisky and where they get their water from that they add in whisky, and at the end of the tour you also get to taste and try many types of whisky.

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