Best Bluetooth Speakers you can buy

JBL Flip 5

JBL is a well-known brand that has been in the market for a while now. They are famous for their work and out of the box designs. People also mention that they are the best speakers money can buy. JBL Flip 5 comes with Bluetooth 4.2, making it easier to connect with various portable devices and even your mobile phone. Bluetooth support can make your speakers portable and easy to use because you don’t need any switch.

This speaker from JBL has an ipx7 rating, which means that you can frankly put the speaker in water, and it won’t harm it. The design follows a cylindrical pattern and has an all body design. It comes in various colours such as the red, blue, and black finish. Speaker comes with a party booster enable system it means that it can provide sound to a large scale of the area.

This speaker also got an award for the best portable Bluetooth speaker. Design on the front end follows a soft fabric, and it is built from plastic. The quality of JBL flip 5 is decent but not the best. It also comes with a basic application available on the app store or Apple app store. It does not come with connect plus and aux support. It comes with high-quality bass and timings with low tones and high tones that can easily separate any music’s tonal. Overall it is a great purchase and has a power of about 20 watts.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

You haven’t heard of this brand, and they are not quite famous, but this provides support of Bluetooth connectivity and has 13 hours of battery life, and they also come with fast charging support. Wonderboom 2 comes with high-quality bass and has a sophisticated design that follows a cylindrical pattern, but it is quite like a pebble.

The designing section is one of the most attractive speakers you can get on this list. The design follows a minimalistic approach with a hint of blue and its other shades. It does not come with any Wi-Fi or smart assistant building, so it is not like Google assistant.

The speaker comes with decent battery life and a winner of 2019 best speaker that money can buy. Overall it is one of the best speakers you can get under this list, and they have a have hybris support and has clear tones.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon echo dot should be on this list because it is one of the cheapest ways to get a smart speaker at your home. This speaker has direct connectivity with Alexa. It comes with 3.5 mm stereo connectivity and also has Bluetooth 4.2.

You can use the Alexa voice assistant with your mobile phone with a secure Wi-Fi connection. The design follows a circular pattern with a blue shade. It is a high-quality speaker and comes with premium quality materials. It has clear sound and has a lower price compared to others in this list. None of these speakers can do a task in this list, but it can also produce high-quality music but not as good as compared to others on this list.


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