Amazon basics is a subbrand from Amazon, and it’s doing great in day-to-day usage product range Amazon basics design everything including a pin to a tablet.

Amazon uses a premium range and cost-efficient material. Amazon basics mechanical field gaming keyboard has polycarbonate black silicon plastic, which makes it feel satisfying and premium.

The product has 10 million switch life keys, which makes it a good deal under its price range, and it contains a five dedicated key system from G1 to G5 and three more modification keys, which are M1 to M3. It has anti-ghosting keys that allow you to touch 19 keys and execute fast moves with precision. The keyboard is available with a backlit colored panel, which makes it look stylish and tacky. Amazon offers a one year warranty on this product.

Amazon offers a lock switch that can disable the keyboard with just one click, which helps avoid unwanted interruptions during your game. Amazon does provide a one-touch media control that can handle all your music or video-related functions.

Amazon basics also provide you with Amazon basics gaming software, which is designed to make your gaming keyboard handier and allows you to configure lighting and sensitivity.


Zebronics is a low-budget computer accessories brand that makes a decent pro product at a minimal price. Zebronics is very famous in the Indian market due to its low costing and attractive products. Zebronics offers responsive customer service.

Zebronics mechanical USB wired keyboard gives a full-size mechanical keyboard that includes 104 premium keys and 11 multimedia keys, making your work easy. Zebronics used a premium material for perfect tactile feel and acoustic feedback. Zebronics offers a backlit keyboard that is customizable into its available ten preset light colors. It also has motion Lite mode, which is useful if you want the light to Flicker.

The double injection used in the keyboard makes it more durable and easy to use. The keyboard comes with good quality heavy metal, which makes it sturdy, and it is weighted 1.27 kgs. Zebronics provides a high-quality USB connector which supports any USB port. It has a USB3 type cable, which means that it won’t show any slowness or writing delays due to its speed.


Hyper X is a subbrand of Kingston Technology Corporation, famous for its computer accessories and innovative pen drives. Hyper X is a well-known gaming product maker that makes a premium range of gaming accessories. They are well known because they collaborated with brands such as ROG and Strix. Hyper X provides haptic feedback and uses a premium rubberized material.

Hyper X alloy elite mechanical gaming keyboard is one of its kind and can be called a perfect device for gamers. The product has durable materials and offers a full-featured keyboard with the numb pad. Hyper X alloy gaming keyboard has a unique light bar, and six dynamic light features, which can be customized.

It delivers haptic feedback due to its fast USB 3 Cable. Hyper X has provided a solid steel frame, which makes it hefty but durable; it also comes with dedicated media buttons and a volume wheel, which can help you multitask.

Hyper X offers Wrist support, which is detachable and can be detached if you don’t want to use it. Hyper X also provides an additional titanium color texture keycaps with a premium metal finish. They also give a quick access button, which includes buttons such as brightness, lightning, and an unable game bar. They provide a three-year warranty with their product.


Apple is one of the world’s biggest brands currently and offers a premium range of quality products in all categories. Apple is mostly famous for Mac products and iPhones. Apple uses sleek designs and minimal approach to their products. They use premium quality rubberized materials, which make them lightweight and well-built.

Apple magic keyboard is one of the well-known keyboards that one can buy in the market.

It has a unique and elegant look to it. The magic keyboard comes with a sleek design, making it one of the slimmest keyboards you can get under this price range. The product offers full-size arrow keys, which can be used for typing and gaming as well. It comes with a rechargeable battery and provides a long-lasting battery, which works fine and can give you 10-day feedback in a one-time charge.

The magic keyboard has USB C for quick responses. Apple scissor technology allows each key to press softly and silently. The product comes in one color, which is white and has a unique sleek look to it. It offers Bluetooth lightning ports and wireless supports. Apple magic keyboard has 0.39 kg, which makes it one of the lightest premium range keyboards you can get in the market.

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