How to Keep Yourself Free From Being Boring

If you’re a human being – which you probably are because robots and captcha don’t get along – you have been bored at least one time in your lifetime. There are high chances that you will be bored again. Sometimes, we tend to become bored in the middle of tasks that have long deadlines or right on the brink of completing something for tomorrow and that isn’t boredom, just procrastination. Also remember, people who frequently become bored, bore others on a regular basis. So, this is actually a list of how not to be bored or boring.

What do you want to do?

Spelling out this question still makes me cringe as memories from when I was studying in high school hit me on the face. This question has too much power. Which is why you should ask this question yourself – because there will be no lack of things you want to do. Give me 5 seconds and I can give you a list of 3 pages on what all I would like to do, but that’s probably the fundamental problem here. Figure out something you really want to conquer – it could be a book, a movie or going out with someone. Learn something new – a language, research, write a story or learn a new skill. Learn to sustain the feeling of making it happen, understand that you will not be able to simply wish to do something without putting in the required effort and analyze what truly demotivates you from stepping forward. The last step of analysis has often helped those struggling with their mental health to come to terms with their depression and anxiety.

Play Any Instrument

It’s a scientific fact that playing instruments can help with your mental stability. If you don’t know, how to play any instrument then you can start with any of these finest digital keyboard for beginners.

Future possibilities

This step isn’t for alarming anyone. The future is scary, you might get lucky and not have to work too much for the future because, climate change. Leaving that nihilistic thought aside, ever wanted to sit down and figure out what you really like doing and if that can be translated into a profession? You may have pined for the time to do so, so here you are. You have the time, the paper and the pencil; put your thoughts ahead. There may be a course, recognition of a financially assisting hobby that you are good at or wanting to start working right away in a desired establishment. The possibilities are endless and so should be your dreams.


Introverts will heartily disagree with me, and I would like nothing more to agree with them. This is, however, the blunt truth – humans need socialization. We only differ in our proportion of required socialization but a minimal exposure is absolutely necessary. You do not have to deny the happiness you gain when you talk to someone close to you, maybe converse about some topics in random and then return back to your life. Classic representation of socialization often makes it seem that only the extreme version is acceptable. This is not true. I won’t tell you to go out and make friends, extrovert or introvert, but go and talk to a close friend and see the difference in five minutes.

Beat procrastination

What keeps you from simply stepping forward and washing your laundry is the procrastination. A huge to-do list can almost always have the opposite reaction and make you want to huddle in a blanket and never see the light of the day. So, resort to doing one small thing. It could sharpening your pencils but cut it off. It will restore the ‘wanting-to-grind’ as your brain receives the dose of dopamine from the immediate gratification of finishing a task and gaining the illusion of productivity. Here’re some tips to do that!


They are a black hole and they are way too influential. You will never be able to predict the fall and once you’ve fallen, it is too late to come back up. So, take a firm step and say no to surfing on the mobile, going through a multitude of random social media apps or the show you have watched a million times and switch to something new. Feel your brain slowly begin to engage and utilize itself in the new task and wave adieu to the boredom. This tip comes in handy especially during long periods of time left without engagement that otherwise consumed your time without you taking a particular initiative – read work, schools and colleges.

Sit quietly – or exercise or any hobby?

This may seem like an admonishment but this is preaching the benefits of a few minutes of sitting quietly and engaging in retrospective thought. Review random thoughts in your mind, stop where you will, analyze certain thoughts and behaviors, let go of others. Learn how to influence yourself and give a mental pat for good decisions and mature behavior where it was required of you (Hobbies can . This is a difficult step as most of us frequently allow ourselves to ruthlessly cross-examine ourselves and pull out the worst flaws within our own perspective. Reflection on your thoughts almost functions like a diary that allows you to study your own actions on an objective basis and attempting to understand them from another perspective. While you’re at it, you can always exercise but that seems like hypocrisy. Exercise does, however, offer the same effect but in a fast-paced manner and with the advantage of becoming fit.


It could be your room, the hall or even the kitchen. I am willing to bet there are certain sections of your living abode that you have always wanted to reform in a particular manner that you never got around to achieving. Get around to this today. Throw out some old clothes, donate others, start a small garden to complement the scenery, place the books according to their heights and clean that small edge of the bathroom sink that had always nagged you. This could bring up old memories and fond emotions of nostalgia, craft ideas to spruce up the place or gift ideas for your family and friends. Enjoy with your thoughts.