Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

Logitech is an electronic accessories brand dealing with basically computer accessories. Logitech has been in the field of computer accessories for a while now. Logitech is famous for their compact designs and premium built.

Logitech B170 Has a light design and a compact feel to it. It is a wireless mouse, which means you don’t need any wire for its connection. It would help if you had a USB connector to connect it to your devices. It Has a light design and a compact feel to it.

Logitech B170 comes with an optical tracking system, which means that it will give you ultra-precise movements. It does have a 12 V battery life. It comes with a USB mini receiver which has a lightweight design and handy feel to it. The optical tracking feature of Logitech is precise and will give you quality feedback.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple is a premium seller of electronic devices and has one of the most sold products. Apple makes premium products with premium quality craftsmanship.

Apple uses a minimalistic design with premium materials. Apple is very famous due to their customer feedback and attractive products.

Apple magic mouse is a wireless mouse. It supports a quick charge, which means you can charge it and also use it with batteries. It is a full touchscreen mouse, which means that instead of buttons, you can also use it as your touchscreen panel like use on your laptop.

Apple uses a premium polycarbonate finish with a metallic finish, making it compact and lightweight. It comes with a USB receiver that can be inserted on your laptop, and then this mouse can work as a wireless device. Apple uses a multitask touch screen, which allows you to perform multiple gestures, such as swiping to webpages or scrolling through documents.

Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech is a premium brand offering computer Accessories at a premium price. Logitech has a subbrand called Logi, which produces a premium range of computer accessories with minimal design and conceptual comfort. Logitech has a big name in the computer industry due to its premium feedback and customer reviews.

Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse is a premium range of wireless mouse category by the company Logi from Logitech. Logitech S provides a premium finish with metal edges and matte finish. Logitech also gives wireless support, which means you get a USB micro Adapter that can be connected to your device, and then you can use this mouse wirelessly. Logitech also comes with a dual connectivity feature, which means you can enable it up to 3 Windows or Mac computers at once, which means that this is a goodwill device with multi-connectivity options.

Logitech provides us with a speed adaptive scroll, which means that the scroller is of rubberized finish and has haptic feedback, which means you can scroll through the screen super fastly and accurately.MX Master provides a rechargeable battery that can stay on power with 70 days on a single charge. It does support a fast wireless charging. Logitech supports Cross computer control, which means that you can seamlessly control multiple devices and even copy-paste content or document between these computers.

On the designing end, it has a polymer hard plastic finish, which is lightweight and a mechanical fibre finish as well, which makes it well-built and lightweight at the same time. Logitech also uses thumb rest, which means that you can fluently work for hours on your desk while comfortably using this mouse.

Asus ROG Pugio Optical Wired Gaming Mouse

Asus is a big company dealing with computer-related devices and accessories as it has a big name in the computer industry due to its premium finished, well-designed and mechanical products. Asus subbrand ROG is a gaming computer series that produces supreme gaming devices with a premium finish and attractive designs.

Asus subbrand ROG offers minimal but sleek designs, which means they are handy and comfortable because of the gaming finish they have. They also come with different light emitters, which means they are super glossy and attractive. Asus ROG optical wired mouse is one of a class in its design and materials.

Asus ROG optical wired mouse is a wired mouse, which means you have to connect with the USB cable to your devices and then use it. Asus offers a plastic and rubber finish to your device with a green scroller, which emits light. It is a gaming mouse with a configurable side button which has different purposes. Asus uses a 50,000,000 Click durable Omron switches, which makes the mouse smooth and premium.

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