Reasons why headphones are better than earphones

In our urban life, it is not difficult to find people who use earphones to listening audio content on their gadgets. Such as in public transportation, fitness centres, offices and so on. You may be one of them. But do you know that the use of these tools is not recommended, mainly if used excessively? Research from the World Health Organization (WHO) said that 43 million people aged 12-35 years experience hearing loss and 50 per cent are due to the use of earphones with a volume that is too loud.

On that basis, a professor of audiology at the University of Alberta, Canada, Bill Hodgetts suggests starting to reduce the use of earphones to minimize the arrival of early hearing loss. However, if you are forced to use it, at least avoid setting it at high volume. “Set at the level of 85 decibels (dB), the volume at this level is generally safe to listen to for eight hours,” he said, launching global news, Sunday (26/5/2019). Reported by HealthLink BC, sounds above 85 dB are considered dangerous for hearing.

As an illustration, for a sound at a level of 80-89 dB, it is comparable to the sound of traffic or a busy restaurant. Meanwhile, in the MRC Institute of Hearing Research report, it was stated that the average volume of music from using earphones could be 95-105 decibels.

Bill realizes that it is difficult to know the volume measurement, considering that most gadgets do not provide information to users regarding the dB level of the sound they are listening to. Doctors from the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery of RSCM-FKUI HarimPriyono.

He suggested leaving the habit of using earphones until falling asleep. The reason is that it can cause irreparable, permanent, nerve damage or sensorineural disorders. Therefore, start to reduce the use of earphones when listening to audio content. After all, you can still enjoy audio content more safely, namely through the speakers at home. Moreover, the quality of the speakers on the market today is getting better.

Best Headphones have better sound quality.

According to the World Health Organization, 50% of adults are at risk for hearing loss as a result of using best headphones to listen to music. Besides, the CDC or equivalent to the Director-General of Disease Prevention and Control revealed that there are 5.2 million people who suffer from hearing loss due to noise.

The age range of the sufferers is 6-19 years. On the other hand, sufferers at the age of 20-69 years reached 26 million. Of course, this is very unsettling.

Although it is more comfortable to listen to music with headphones, some dangers can lurk if you misuse them.

If you listen to sounds or music that is too loud in your ears, the tiny hairs that are in your ears can be killed. Now, the death of these small hairs that are responsible for sending sound signals to your brain can make you lose hearing.

On the other hand, headphones are better than headsets. Headphones do their job of blocking outside sound well. It certainly makes you listen to songs with a smaller voice than when using a headset.

Therefore, you must choose high-quality headphones so that the risk of hearing loss can be reduced. So, when asked which one is better between headphones or a headset in terms of sound, the answer is headphones.


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