11 Pro Blogging Tips for Beginners

With the number of bloggers popping around the block, it is easy to think why blogging is a forgotten art and a lot of copies emerge from the true talents of one unique blogger. Learning, refining and writing information in the same breath can be a task in itself, and beginners often find it very difficult to make their mark on a field already overcrowded. If you require a summary of this entire article, there would only be two words – passion and consistency.

Here is the detailed version of those two words.

Find your muse

This will be more difficult than finding love, but it will be worth it. Find out that one topic that you would like to focus on. It could be current affairs, beauty and health, sports or even about dogs. Pick a topic that immensely interests you and makes you feel like you have overflowing thoughts about which you would like to share with people. Don’t worry that a topic sets the tone of your blog in cement, hard and unmovable. Since in this world literally any two concepts can be forced to have a link, you can always a link yourself between two topics and explore the deep recesses of information. Have fun with it.

Ask your audience

This is a tricky step. You would need a commendable, and responsive, audience. Once that step is done, the next step is to put forward an apple and see how many bite. If you wish your blog to be engaging, interesting and on the top of the search pages, there is no better way that translating into reality what your audience puts forwards in bits and pieces. Figure out what the crowd wants, see the numbers rise and decide on blogging about it. Give it quirks, make it unique and learn to connect with the audience.


If we can say this for batter in baking, they we will say this for your blogging as well. This point cannot be stressed more than enough. There is a reason daily reminder are more memorable than monthly or even yearly reminders and this is why. Be regular and unrelenting with your content. Keep reminding your audience that you are still here and still you, still with the quality content and still demanding their time and attention.

Trial and Error

If we were all great at our first time, we would have a lot more success stories and a lot less giving up. Sadly, this isn’t how the world works so you got to work at it and make it shine. Read, write your topic, read some more, possibly discover topic-changing truths, write again and ball up that mess. You probably might get it, or you might not. But that shouldn’t discourage you from moving forward and still trying, because at the end of the day this is about the representation of your ideas in your desired medium through your preferred style of words. You will get it right, and it’ll be a life-changing moment when you realize that.

Build an email list

Getting the audience to subscribe for emails will take a long time and will develop with your content. Be patient and send in the best and attempt to attract the readers through the first bites. Once you build a reputation for verified facts and a professional manner of conveying the same, people will comes searching for your content, perspectives and viewpoints. Give the email list of audience promotion priority before worrying about the search engine results, Facebook ranking and other communications.

Be a steady magnet

Remember why you started – to build an audience to listen your thoughts, to agree or provide constructive criticism so you gain joy and knowledge from this venture. This means tending to the existing audience’s needs and requirements. Keep your ears to the ground and listen for the murmurs of the old as well as the footsteps of the new. Try to merge with the idea of a newspaper, but focused on the topic you’re selling – health, dogs or welding techniques.

Call it the ‘call-to-action’

Much like a revolutionary call, this is the practiced, perfected and manicured way of ending your blog posts. Finish the content off with requests to follow you on social media or light prodding for the readers to sign up for emails and subscriptions. Most readers, in the immediate after-effects of the written content, may wish to express some sort of ideas or engage in communication with the writer for clarifications and/or detailed insights. This helps your point; make use of it relentlessly and wisely.


If it works in economics for the demand-supply paradigm, then it will work for your blog. Give your readers quality content that is absolutely free – get them to realize the quality content they are getting for absolutely nothing in return before they read through the content and realize they love you even more for the kind of content you’ve posted. This successfully keeps them hooked on for more since they know you now.


It really isn’t that difficult and you shouldn’t make it to be. Create your content with boundaries that are limited only by your awareness and temporary blocks such as growing knowledge. Give away what you know because in knowing, you can only go forward. You never lose what you gain; you only multiply its intensity and depth. Proceed with the attitude that you are still learning and in that, you can build more ideas and a stronger foundation.

Consistency – with your idea

Elders say not to forget where you came from and this is true. Keep in mind where you started, the aspirations, goals and dreams you held then and the limitless enthusiasm to share and learn with your audience. No increase in followers should change these basic ideas or the foundation of your blog. People know and love the person behind the blog with the consistent building up of ideas and are not followers of simple trends that appear one day and disappear the next.

You’re in for the long run

The long run means the run will be long – you’re going to be testing the waters of patience, continuous hard work and the sweet results later. Again, regularity is key. Like we said, there are a lot of people and they all want to make noise. So you have to make sure you make the loudest and keenest noise that lasts for a longer time. Make sure the noise has the intended effect you always targeted towards. Adaptability is yet another key aspect – stick it out, learn, adapt and share. That’s all you need to do.

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