15 smart things to get before studying abroad

You have some important items that you should take when you are going to study abroad. firstly you have to think about the place where you are going to study because you have to fit at their place, you have to fit with locals around there. If you’re in your relationship, don’t want to ruin it because you’re going to abroad, buy any good loving gadget like long distance relationship touch lamp. It is possible that you will forget your universal adaptor because in Europe every country does not have the same plugs. You must have some smart things before going abroad. Here is a list of some of the items.

Portable charger

It is possible that you do not use your phones much there while travelling. But you will find the need of charging your phone. It may be while travelling in bus or somewhere in the road. When you are phone battery comes to 10%, you can use devices like portable chargers. You just need to have an extra charge before you leave your place. It can provide you about 20 hours of extra charge time.

Hair dryer and flat iron

It feels very bad when you plug your straightener into convert and suddenly the red light turn off. Many straightener and blow dryers in abroad are not up to your mark or it may be different for you to handle. For this you can take a travel sized hair dryer. It will be friendly and takes about 30 minutes for drawing your hair. Good hair electronics work comes with correct plugs and they comes with dual voltage.


It is one of the most necessary items because while travelling abroad you can write interesting things that happened to you or you can write quotes, you can have a collection of stories or you will meet some new friends there, for which you can write wisdom words.

No borders bundle

While studying there, you will have some enjoyment during weekends like travelling to new places and for that you must have No borders bundle which includes some things like carry on backpack, day pack, multi charge power Bank, power adaptor and plug in point, you also have a phone case.

Neck pillow

It is one of the favourite items of travellers. When you will have a long train ride or you will have a long bus ride during travelling, you must have some rest there.


We can’t admit the weather abroad but it rains in many cities around the world. We can’t predict the weather there. It will be good if you take your raincoat with you.if you are not the person who likes raincoat, then you can take an umbrella.

American snacks

We were excited talking about many things like Italian pizza but you will have a time when you miss your American snack. For this, you can pack peanut butter jar or a funfetti cake box in suitcase.

Swiss army knife

this nice has all the things that a traveller needed during travelling. In one gadget it have all types of knife like scissors, nail file, bottle opener, corkscrew you will find everything here.


If you want to entertain yourself, books will be your best friend. During the bus ride or on the beach you can enjoy books there. For this you can have Kindle paperwhite

Universal adaptor

It is good if you have the research of the plugs that are going to use in different countries. You can have universal adaptor device from Amazon which have different adaptors. It is possible that you will need to charge multiple electronics items at some time.

Reusable water bottle

If you will find good and safe water to drink in the place where you are visiting. You can stay hydrated and fresh by using reusable water bottle. It will also save your money and can be used for different purposes.

GoPro camera

These types of cameras are good while going abroad because the cameras are wide angled, they are waterproof and they are small in size. You can take amazing pictures and videos with them during bike ride.

Portable speaker

If you are a music lover you can’t miss this item. Portable speakers are good, compact and light. You can easily take them but it is not the case that they are low in sound. You can use them during house party or plug them to your cell phone or computer during night for DJ.


Fighting with different kinds of weather there, you will find difficulty to find pharmacies there while travelling. So you must have some medicine for this.

Deck of cards

These are the simplest and cheapest things that you can bring with you. It will give you easy entertainment, you can enjoy playing it with your friends.…